Thanksgiving Costumes

Celebrate the spirit of giving with these festive Thanksgiving costumes! Each of these fun outfits features the classic images associated with the holiday; turkeys, Native Americans, colonials and frontiersmen. These costumes are a great way to bring some extra holiday cheer to your gatherings. Time to take your turkey day game to the next level!

Thanksgiving represents a time of thanks, personal reflection and being around your family. Everyone knows the feeling of being insanely full and falling victim to the infamous 'food coma.' This tradition began in the November of 1621, after the pilgrims and Native Americans held a giant feast. Inspired by a bountiful harvest, this feast brought together friends and family alike. It also marked an end to the troubling times that plagued early life at Plymouth Rock. Now you can celebrate the good cheer of the season with these festive Thanksgiving outfits! Gobbling turkeys, wise and brave Native Americans, and period correct Pilgrim set are some of the many getups available in this section.

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