Super Mario Bros Costumes

Become one of the most famous video game characters of all time with our Super Mario's Brothers costumes and accessories. Mario and Luigi made their first gaming debut in the early 80s and have since become the mascots for Nintendo. These plumbing brothers sport blue overalls and long sleeve shirts in red and green. Show your love for this iconic game series with a video game outfit for kids or adults.

Mario, originally called Jumpman, has many damsels in distress he needs to rescue. Princess Peach is the most famous of these ladies, but there are quite a few including Princess Daisy and Pauline from the original Donkey Kong game. Women's Super Mario designs will likely either feature a Princess toadstool dress or a feminine version of Luigi or Mario's outfits. Men and boys can dress as One of the Super Mario Bros. or as their sidekick Toad. Get your look just right with some fun video game accessories. An inflatable mallet, Super Mario cartoon gloves, fake mustaches, and other power-up items from the game will make your outfit stand out from the crowd. Try making your own invincibility star or 1-up mushroom props for some extra fun. Don't forget that there have been plenty of games in the Mario franchise, so you can add a bit of a twist to your outfit with a go-kart helmet, tennis racket, or soccer ball props too.

Show off your love for the most famous game characters in the world with our Super Mario costumes and video game accessories.

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